4 Steps to Finding the Best SEO Specialist for Your Business Needs

You have an awesome website, but not enough qualified visitors.

Is this a problem your business is experiencing?

Sadly, many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t realize that once your fabulous website is built, potential clients simply won’t know it exists.

Not until it is properly search engine optimized that is.

So how do you get people to find your website on the first or second search results page of Google, Yahoo! or Bing?

The answer to that question can be very complex.

This is why most business owners invest in search engine optimization (SEO) agencies or specialists to increase their website search engine visibility that will generate more sales leads.

In working with many entrepreneurs and small business owners, the last thing they want to learn about is SEO! They would much prefer to focus on their own business and core competency than to learn someone else’s expertise.

So if your website suffers from low search engine rankings, and you don’t want to have to learn a whole new profession in order to boost those rankings, here are four steps to finding the best SEO consultant for your specific business needs:

Determine What You Want

Websites can be at varying search visibility stages and will have different SEO needs. For example, your website might only need to be ranked better on different search engines vs. needing everything from pay-per-click advertising, ongoing SEO maintenance, content creation SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing and more.

So before you jump in and try typing the “Best SEO agency in X city” into Google, you first need to determine what you want out of an SEO campaign.

Ask yourself: “What results do I want an SEO expert to achieve?”

It could be as simple as increasing website traffic by five to ten percent within the next six to eight months. Or your objective might be to build your list of an additional 100 qualified leads over a certain time frame.

Having these specific key performance questions answered will help you measure the success of your campaign. But do keep in mind that SEO and SEM are relative where the results you seek can be in direct proportion to the money you are willing to invest.

Keeping your expectations realistic is important, especially when no legitimate SEO expert can promise results that are out of their control when it comes to how the search engines behave.

Shop Around

Once you’ve determined what you want to achieve, talk with multiple SEO experts to compare which ones are suitable for your specific business needs.

A good search engine optimization campaign is a process that can take from four months to a year to achieve your goals. A good SEO campaign first needs to implement website improvements and then will have a cumulative effect before seeing potential benefits.

If an SEO agency promises high search engine rankings in a fast amount of time, run the other way. No one has the secret to that kind of success unless they were part of the inner circle working at Google.

Introduction to Database Visualization

DrQuantz has recently release a new apps called Dashboard Cola that enable users to visualize their data interactively with simple drag and drop operation. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to shows the data without a great visualizer tools that can help the reader understand the data. So the new firms setup by the Stanford University graduates help the user to able to grasp and comprehend the data through dashobard visualization.

The application is geared toward the personal and small business clients that host their own in house data server. The are plenty of database server that is supported by the system, including MS SQL Server, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Teradata, Firebird, IBM DB2, MySQL, PSQL, PostgreSQL, SAP Sybase and you name it a fiew including OLAP as well as simple table formated file such as CSV or Excel.

An interesting data set is only useful if the information can be presented in an accessible form, but this is not something inexperienced users can normally do without the help of specialized software.
Dashboard Cola is a feature-packed application that enables you to create interactive dashboards for data visualization. It is quite easy to use, sporting an intuitive UI, and it even supports multi-user collaboration. Work with data obtained from a broad range of sources

After creating a new project, you can select one or more data sources to be used in your dashboard. If several are added, you can easily switch between them at any time. The application can connect to an existing database, and it enables you to select the data you wish to use with the help of the built-in Query Builder. Among the supported database types, we can mention SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLLite. Additionally, it is possible to connect to an OLAP cube in an MS Analysis Services database, as well as extract data directly from an Excel workbook.

Design high-quality interactive dashboards. Dashboard Cola puts a fairly extensive collection of tools at your disposal, enabling you to enhance your project with charts, pies, gauges, cards, maps, images and more. You can add objects with simple drag and drop actions, something novices will certainly appreciate.

Another interesting feature offered by the application is its support for collaboration on team projects, as it allows multiple users to work on the same dashboard at the same time, while seeing changes in real-time. Lacks documentation, but sports an intuitive UI Unfortunately, Dashboard Cola does not include any documentation, something inexperienced users will not be happy with. While the GUI is well-designed and easy to understand, the lack of a user manual makes the software less accessible to non-experts.

As it’s an interactive dashboard applications, it enable the user to easily select from a complete set of charts available from simple Data Grid, Pivot Table, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Point Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Range Chart, to a more complex charting packages such as Bubble Chart, Candle Chart, Stock Chart, Scatter Chart. It’s also has the Circular and Linear Gauges display as well as very advanced graphical charting widgets like Tree Map, Choropleth Map, Bubble Map, Pie Map, Geo Point Map, Range Filter, Combo Box, List Box, Tree List, and Image that allow user to present their data into an appealing display that are easily to be drill down, sort out, filtered and viewed in a certain way that viewer able to manipulate the data and get the information they need.

And most of all it is quite helpful for your organization that has multiple users editing on the same files together. The team member could then collaborate the shared file in real-time basis, such that the changes made by one person will automatically reflected on the other person.

Now Locate us Near You For Laptop Repair & Antivirus Software Applications

Giving the services for Laptop repair service in Canada, it is just awesome that Avltechno is pulling the thousands and millions of clients all over the location. Many successful stories are recorded in the history of the Technology for best technology services through online programs and online calls. Definitely you should contact us for any queries related to your smart technology. Avltechno is one of the leading advance tech solutions in USA, Toronto, and Canada.

Antivirus software is something that should be installed in every computer that uses the Internet on daily basis. Without Computer repair, computer can be hanged and can get infected by making it slow. Your computer keeps you safe from browsing the Internet or even loading programs. Antivirus purchased in stores or shops could cost you up to $150 or more depending on the software you purchase. Avltechno are just offering the antivirus software’s at lowest price fortunately, there are lots of different antivirus software programs that can be easily downloaded and installed but not secured.

To download free antivirus: Go to the CNET homepage (Resources). Click “Security Software” on the left side of the page. A new page will open. Select “Antivirus Software”. You will then be taken to CNET’s antivirus software page. Choose the “Free” option under “License Type”

Click the “Sort By” drop box in the green bar at the top of the page. Select one of the options listed, such as “Editors’ Rating” or “Downloads Last Week.” This option will shows how the programs are listed.

Select the links that are showing to download page for particular antivirus program.

Click the “Download Now” link that is located at the top of the Web page for that particular antivirus program. Once you do, a box will open. Select a file on your computer where the setup for that the antivirus program will be saved. Click “Save” and the installation for that antivirus program will be downloaded. Virus Removal Services is one of the best and safest modes to turn on for your computer.

Open the installation program. Follow the instructions that appear on the computer screen and the free antivirus software will be fully installed on your computer.

Importance of Leave Management in any HR and Payroll Software

The leave management feature is one of the most important features in any HR and Payroll Software, it allows the user / employee to login to a user friendly employee self-service portal, using this portal the employee is able to see his leaves balance not only that but also see his / her direct reports leave schedule, all on a beautiful calendar view to make things easier and familiar.

HR master allows you to apply for a leave simply drag the days you need on the calendar using your mouse, a simple pop up dialogue will show asking you to input some details, the number of days you dragged on the calendar will automatically calculate excluding any holidays or weekends!

After you fill the details and click Apply, an email notification will be sent to the user and his corresponding line manager, for simplicity: the line manager will receive a link in the email whereas he simply clicks to directly login to the approval page, when the line manager approves or disapproves the leave request, the requester will receive an email notification of the new status.

Any employee can login to the self-service portal to see a complete summary of leaves, the view shows all leaves, cancelled leaves, approved leaves, and rejected leaves.

An effective HR and Payroll Software allows the line manager to view team leaves in a tabular way, some managers have too many direct reports therefore it might be beneficial to list all team leaves inside a table.

As mentioned above email notifications are sent to notify both the requester and approving authority in cases of approvals, rejections and cancellations.

These emails can be customized according to customer requirements; it is important to note that these emails are sent only to the direct manager and not to any layer higher.

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Safe and Secure:

Online security is a great concern. You never know where a threat can come from. Stay safe from online threats with the AT&T Internet Security Suite provided by McAfee. This powerful security feature comes at no extra cost. U-verse Internet offers automatic updates and online support. Get peace of mind knowing you’re information and computer are secure against any online threats like viruses, phishing, spyware and hackers. AT&T Internet services will keep you and your computers safe online.

5 Video Surveillance Trends to Watch Out For

The video surveillance market is driving substantial growth in the security industry as a whole. With several major players launching modern and innovative surveillance solutions (many companies are making video analytics a standard feature in all their IP cameras), a large number of mergers and accusations happening, and the global demand for top-notch surveillance solutions (installed base of security cameras in North America is expected to reach 62 million in 2016), the industry is treading on the path of significant development.

There a number of elements are having a big impact on the industry, as well as on the adoption of surveillance technology in general. Although the surveillance industry is undergoing major transformation, with several trends happening, let’s look at 5 trends that are set to be at the core of the surveillance industry:
IP Cameras
• IP video cameras are going to become hugely popular in the industry; with the ability to send and receive data through the Internet, these cameras ensure secure transmission through advanced encryption and authentication methods.
• The remote accessibility capability allows operators to view live video from multiple cameras through PCs, smartphones and other handheld devices.
• Modern cameras are offering a plethora of features like anytime, anywhere recording, automatic remote backup and motion and tamper detection along with unparalleled image quality, advanced analytics, real-time alerts and reduced false alarms.

Panoramic Cameras
• The last few years has seen a stark increase in the popularity and adoption of large degree cameras – a trend that will continue to grow in the coming months.
• Featuring 180° or 360° field of view, panoramic cameras are ideal for mounting on ceilings, walls, and pillars and cover large areas like assembly lines, manufacturing units, factory shop floors, warehouses, and airport parking lots – they provide full field of view with zero blind spots.
• Modern Panoramic Megapixel Dome Cameras are weather and vandal resistant, and offer full 1080p resolution with dynamic processing, distortion correction, multiple transmission modes for versatile monitoring of wide areas in addition to face detection, and privacy zone masking.

4K Resolution
• High adoption rates of cameras with 4K resolution are a norm in the industry, as they enable security professionals to achieve more pixels with wider fields of view.
• 4K cameras have the ability to render colors more accurately, offering better resolution of objects
• The frame rate of 30 frames per second ensures you don’t miss miss crucial details that are essential for complete situational awareness.
• The 16:9 aspect ratio provides a broader coverage of the scene and can also be turned into 9:16 to monitor long corridors.
• Today’s high resolution cameras combine 4K resolution with low-light sensitivity and offer bandwidth optimization features, along with intelligent scene capture capability to adopt the best picture quality.

Video Management Software
• Video management software allows the automation of security actions and control external systems, reducing the amount of manual tasks.
• Centralized management give users the option of managing multiple geographically dispersed sites from one central location, saving time and operational costs.
• The ability to seamlessly work with a variety of other systems such as Point-of-Sale systems, gaming consoles, traffic signals, access control systems, and parking management systems make video management software an ideal choice for ensuring end-to-end surveillance.
• Video management software enables central management of a large number of cameras and allows monitoring of live or recorded images by authorized users from anywhere on the network.
• Designed with a user-intuitive graphical user interface, and a wide selection of viewing configurations enables operators to easily import site maps and monitor live images in real-time.

Cloud Based Systems
• Cloud Based Systems enable operators to view live and recorded video from any location using a standard web browser or any handheld device.
• These scalable systems generally work a number of IP cameras, enabling you to meet the needs of commercial businesses, as well as mid-size and small business owners.
• With no PCs to manage or software to install, cloud based systems allow users to get up and running quickly with minimal disruption to their daily business.
• Their high compatibility enables them to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of cameras, so you can leverage your existing cameras and store recorded video in the cloud.
• Cloud based video surveillance systems enable organizations to centrally manage and collaboratively share video surveillance from thousands of servers and cameras worldwide.
• Users can quickly and easily integrate these systems using existing networks, hardware, and infrastructure and enjoy all the benefits of the cloud.

Fiber Optic Cable Networking, Solution to All Network Problems

With Fiber Optic cables, Networking is never the same…
Communication is the one thing that keeps everything in this world in place. It could be between people or between computers, but without proper communication, the exchange of information cannot take place. To make this communication possible we make use of copper cables, like twisted pair, Coaxial cables etc. either for telecommunications or networking. However, technology is prone to change. With the change, come opportunities for growth as we have witnessed with fiber optic cables, which have brought a major shift in the field of networking. Communication with the help of fiber optic cables has become clearer, secure and faster than ever before.

What is a Fiber Optic cable?
It is a cable that contains glass or plastic strands of fiber inside an insulated tube that carries information in form of light pulses. These strands of fiber are called core, which is in turn is surrounded by a glass tube called cladding. Due to the phenomenon of internal reflection in the glass tube, the data is preserved safely until the end of the tube. Based on the number of fibers present in the cable, the fiber optic cable can be classified into two types-single mode and the multimode cables.

These cables have higher bandwidth; that is the capacity of transmitting huge amount of information over large distances as well. It is heavily used for computer networking, internet, cable television and telephone systems.

What do Fiber Optic Cables do?
The fiber optic cables send the data in the form of light pulses through the glass or plastic fibers; which are only as thick as human hair, but has the potential to carry terabytes of information over very long distances with very little or no data loss. We know that light travels very fast and hence the information is converted in form of light particles with the help of a laser device that travels down the cable and at the receiving end is again translated into data by the computer.

What are the Advantages of Fiber Optic Cables over Copper Cables?
• Fiber optic cables are 1000 times faster in transmitting the data when compared to the traditional copper cables to 100 times longer in terms of distance. While copper cables are capable of transferring 1.5 mbps data to the distance of 1.5 miles, the fiber optic cables transmit 2.5 GBPS of data across 124 miles.
• As the fiber optic cable is made of glass, unlike copper cables, is least affected by Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), an interference caused by the electromagnetic induction to the electric circuits.
• Fiber optic cables are by far the safest as they are hardly prone to any kind of damage due to atmospheric conditions like lightning.
• Fiber optic cables are extremely hard to tap as there is absolutely no amount of data leakage.
• Durability is another factor that put fiber optic cables in the advantageous position as the glass could break but doesn’t wear down in any form of weather conditions, like copper cables where the outdoor conditions can hamper the durability of the copper cables.

What are the uses of Fiber Optic Cables?
The Fiber optic cables can be used in the various fields given its advantages over the copper cabling. Here are a few of the most popularly used areas where the fiber optic cables are slowly occupying the space of the copper cables.
• Internet
• Cable Television
• Telecommunications
• Computer Networking
• Hospitals
• Military
• Lightning and Decoration

Whether it is fiber optic backbone for your data cabling system, links between buildings across the campus, fiber to desk or link between floors, no matter what your requirements are we are ready to take up any type of cabling projects, regardless of its complexity. Our engineers are equipped with the advanced fiber optic slicing and testing tools.

Some of the fiber optic cables we widely use include,
• Trunk cables
• Distribution cables
• Standard patch cord
• High-density interconnect cables

PBX Phone System, the Key for Better Communication

Communication is the backbone of any organisation, without which each department in the company will go awry. It is truer when the teams have to work hand in hand in order to produce results. When it comes to a proper communication channel in an organisation, we depend on Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system.

What is PBX Telephone System?
Private Branch Exchange phone System is basically a private network communication system within the organisation that has various external lines to make the external calls. Instead of taking numerous lines for an organisation, a single or multiple lines are further split into numerous lines which are connected to each other by means of routers, telephone adapters, switches, hubs and telephone sets. A PBX connects the telephones within the organisation and also connects to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The PBX system offers a plethora of features to enable smooth communication within an organisation like call transfers, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus etc.

Functionality of PBX telephone system:
Imagine a manual telephone operator who used to sit in person like in the old times, to handle the volume of calls and used to take the information like who we wish to speak and they do the needful, like connecting the line to the concerned person. A PBX system more or less does the same job, however, more efficiently, within fraction of seconds to execute the required command.

Apart from the on-hold, call waiting, voicemail, call recording, call transfer functionalities, the PBX system is into more advanced features like, find-me-follow-me features also to get hold of those employees who are always on the go.

Types of PBX systems:

There are ideally four kinds of PBX Telephone Systems. Based on the technology and the location of the PBX systems, the PBX telephone system can be categorised into

1. Traditional PBX (onsite): This uses the older version of the PBX systems with the analog or the digital systems and is located at the business site. The analog /digital PBX system uses the traditional wiring system and is usually a separate entity from the LAN. The onsite PBX systems enable easier handling of changes like addition or deletion that needs to be made in the telephone connections. Moreover, the technicians present in the company needs to have high level of expertise to handle these changes.

2. Traditional PBX (Offsite): This also uses the analog or the digital systems, but located with the PBX management office. Though, the changes that could be made in the system is limited, the IT professionals in the company need not have a complete understanding of the technology behind the PBX systems as the PBX management office will take care of it.

3. VoIP PBX (Onsite): VoIP PBX or the IP based PBX uses the existing LAN for telephone connections. Unlike the traditional telephone systems, the IP PBX does not need an external port for the telephone connections and hence does not physically limit the number of connections. The IP PBX phones can be connected using the LAN and uses internet for the connection like the VPN, enabling the connection of phones within the same company located in different places possible.

4. VoIP PBX (Offsite): The IP PBX system is located at the PBX management office.

When choosing a PBX, please make sure that it can be modified so that it can be adapt to any technology changes in the future.

Further Information:
With a fair understanding of the technology as a provider of PBX Telephone Systems, VRS Computers is an ace player in this category. The PBX Telephone system is a complex setting in itself, but our team of skilled technicians make it look simple due to their total grip on the subject. We offer the latest IP PBX system or the analog/digital PBX telephone system at a highly affordable price for small businesses or larger corporate catering to the specific needs of our customers.

How to Choose a Digital Camera

Nowadays, everyone loves taking photographs and the best photographs are still taken with a digital camera. However, while some people may have you convinced that most cameras are all the same, don’t believe a word of it. With a dizzying assortment of specifications and varying digital camera prices, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. So, how do you find one that ticks all your requirements? Here’s a round-up of basic specs along with a few tips to help you make your decision.

A Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR)

From portraits and long shots to detailed panoramas, the DSLR has a dedicated lens that will capture the perfect shot. With all those lenses, it also means carrying around bulky equipment, but if you’re looking for a single camera that can do everything (just keep adding lenses when you need them) get a DSLR. These cameras come with a range of specifications, features and add-ons that you need to understand to pick the best one. Here’s a quick breakdown of the basic specs that you should know about.

Basic DSLR Specifications

Frames-Per-Second – The more frames-per-second, the faster you can capture images. If you’re taking photos of animals or sporting events, a high frames-per-second count enables you to take photos in quick succession.

Autofocus Points – These are what the camera uses to focus on a point. The higher the number of focusing points, the better to capture action and fine details.

ISO Range – The ISO range measures the sensitivity of the camera’s image sensor. When you change the ISO setting, you are rendering the camera more or less sensitive to light. A higher ISO number indicates a greater sensitivity in low light, and provides more versatility.

Zoom & Prime Lenses –

A zoom lens lets you zoom in or out of the frame without moving. A prime lens has a fixed focal length, so unless you physically move, you won’t change how the image looks in the viewfinder.

Aperture (f-Number) – To put it simply, a larger aperture (oddly enough, a larger aperture is listed by a smaller number) lets more light in to the camera shutter.

Video Recording – Most DSLRs come with video capabilities. If you’re interested in video, which can usually add to the price, ask to see a camera without video.

Other Camera Options

Want all the quality of a DSLR in a less expensive and more compact form? Below are two transitional cameras that offer several good features at a lower price.

Bridge Cameras

The Bridge cameras (a digital camera with over 20x optical zoom) combines the high quality performance of a DSLR, minus the expenses, with the carefree mobility of a Point and Shoot. The best ones offer DSLR levels of control, wide-aperture lenses, along with a raw shooting setting and other extras such as Wi-Fi ability and articulated screens.

Mirrorless Camera

The mirrorless camera is similar to DSLRs, but with no optical viewfinders. Don’t have as many lenses as conventional DSLRs but are nevertheless convenient when you want DSLR level quality without the accompanying bulk.

Five Areas where Video Conferencing Services Rule the Roost

Out of sight, out of mind, one need to be in constant touch and make their presence felt or else a relationship is lost forever.

Today almost every entrepreneur is on a lookout to expand their businesses across the globe. Multi-national companies are spread in every nook and corner of the world. Growth is essential, but with growth comes the challenge of communication, without which the entire credibility is lost. Hence, the need of setting up meetings to be able to share the views and ideas of each delegate is essential. However, with part of the team working in one end of the world and the rest placed at another location, video conferencing is the only resort.
Let us see the various fields where the video conferencing is encouraged.

Multi-national Companies/Corporate: With the large setups of the MNCs, it becomes difficult for the employees of the company to have any kind of communication with their superiors, let alone knowing them. In such cases, the video conferencing helps people interact with each other in a professional manner. The video conferencing brings together the clients, consumers and the partners together to have a meaningful conversation. Video Conferencing helps in
-reducing the travelling costs
-removes the restrictions of distance (especially remote places)
-saves time
-enables eye-eye contact with individuals

Education: Remote lectures, participation in the conferences can take place with the help of video conferencing. It opens up a two way communication channel between the lecturer and the student enabling better understanding of concepts, basically a virtual classroom setup, and the closest that can come to an actual classroom. The video conferencing in the field of education can trigger the following benefits
-guest lecturers from remote places can be brought into institutions
-sharing faculty across institutions belonging to the same group
-seminars across borders
-preparing thesis with the help of mentors from other institutions
-exchange of cultural practices across the nations

Government and military: Who other than government organisations can benefit more from video conferencing, as at the end of the day it is the taxpayers’ money which is being put to use for the things like
-travelling where the whole delegation has to travel for a meeting.
– Time is another factor one should consider as time is more precious than money.
– Security is one factor which should be considered especially if it is for cross border talks.
-Can carry important meetings with video conferencing especially when there is an emergency situation outside.

Medicine: Video conferencing is the tool amply used in the field of telemedicine, where the technology and the telecommunication are used for distance medical practices. Video conferencing can help people in making use of the services like
-diagnostics in the remote villages
-microscopes, otoscopes and the ultrasound images can be use in conjunction with the digital cameras to share information of the patients across even countries for expert consultation.
-there is data to prove that in a remote village in the state of Ohio, USA, video conferencing has helped in cutting down the number of transfers of the sick infants to a distant hospital thereby saving a remarkable amount of money and effort.

Media: Video conferencing is a powerful tool where media is concerned as we can see the host of news channels thriving on video conferencing.
– a journalist can conduct interviews from a remote location where viewing the facial expression is of utmost importance to the journalist while drawing conclusions.
-news at remote locations can be covered using video conferencing
-Talk shows can be conducted.
– Questionnaires, debates can be handled using this tool

With VRS Computers by your side, you can carry any sort of communication with ease and expertise as we offer Video Conferencing Services as an aid to various fields, taking your business or services to new heights.